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Videography + Production

Aerial and Drone

We can supply you with the best solutions for any flight required for your filming needs, using either traditional helicopter, fixed winged or what is more likely these days, a drone. Let us know what you need and we’ll get you a quote. 

Property Development Video

We work with Property Developers, with their video and stills production and post, for all visual assets for internal sales office displays, lifestyle shoots, longer sales videos, aerial and drones, site construction videos, online ads for all marketing / advertising requirements and integration into their partnered real estate sales agents campaigns.  

Real Estate Video

Real Estate Agents and Agencies often require a different (be it often similar) services to Property Developers. One of the most notable being the 100% talking to camera videos, which allow the agents to engage directly to their target audience. This can also be intergraded in their campaigns and social media accounts.

We also offer a full suite of services, that can be incorporated into, agents sales and marketing campaigns, like the filming of vendor’s property. 

Website Video

Unlock the real power of your website with online video by making sure that your business video, is being utilised to its full potential this could occur on your site and via online which can take the form of Facebook, other social media, Youtube and digital TV. There is also an abundance of physical sites, in shopping centres, airports, train stations and content providers who connect with customers, where they spend a vast amount of their free time, looking at videos. 

YouTube Ads

YouTube has 122 million active daily users in 2022 (and counting), so numbers aren’t the issues, it’s being found that is key. That is where being relevant is vital, if you want your YouTube Ads to work. CMP Film TV have had years of experience working in this space, when you’re looking to invest in the biggest video platform in the world, then it makes good business sense, to get the correct advice from the right people, so you have the best opportunity of YouTube ads working for your business.

YouTube Content

With regard to YouTube content, a lot of people do it themselves, with various levels of success. However  if your content is about your business brand then that is another story. Literally, it’s your reputation that’s on the line so therefore it makes complete sense to ensure that your actual video content is designed and formatted in such a way that it gets maximum impact and maintains the integrity of your business name, by highlighting your products and services in the best possible way.

TV Commercials

CMP Film TV have written, filmed and edited over 150 television commercials that have been delivered and broadcast across every TV station in Australia including digital TV and cinema. We know all the industry nuances and exactly what is required in terms of the structure, strategies plus the legal requirements from the broadcasters. 

This deep level of knowledge is your security when it comes to ensuring your (TV commercial / video asset) has the very best opportunity of giving you optimum returns on your investment.

Digital / Catch Up TV Ads

Digital TV and Catch Up television is by far one of the most important developments in the industry over the last 10 years. This is how many people now choose to watch their favourite shows. As such, these digital channels can often be a lot more cost effective than traditional broadcast TV and potentially represent a real opportunity and benefit for businesses looking to market their products and services to their relevant target audience. 

This all comes down to a conversation with us, to find out what is right, and correct for you.

Music Video

We have produced high-quality music clips that have been broadcast at international levels, at (doable / realistic) prices for music professionals and we understand what is required from these video assets. From storytelling, edit pacing, audio mastering and distribution, let us talk about how we can make your musical vision, a filmed reality.

Green Screen Video

If your shoot requires a (green/blue / keyed out) background, we will (film/edit ). This type of shoot, ensuring that the look, feel and lighting is correct for a professional outcome to maximise your video asset. Again, this is about making sure your business brand and image are portrayed in the best possible light for all to see.   

Pre + Post Production

Storyboards / Animatics

CMP Film TV has designed numbers of (storyboards / animatics ) for many clients. Some are very basic, some are more involved, it’s all about relevance and what is required. At the end of the day, they are a pre-production tool, similar to how an Architect draws blueprints before any building is done.

They are a “what if”, a form of communication to get a message across to the key people in the loop, that being, the client, the agency and the video production company. This way we can get a feel for what the end product is likely to look like and make adjustments prior to filming if necessary.


CMP Film TV have produced a lot of animations, (take look at our home page under Animation to see examples). Everything from traditional hand-drawn, to digital, and movement based still photos (which can be very effective and efficient) in terms of cost and speed. 

Because of the very nature of animation, there are countless solutions for businesses. We can provide you with any level of animation you require, it all comes down to a conversation with us, to find out what is right and correct for you. 

Scriptwriting / Copywriting

David, our in-house (scriptwriter/copywriter) has been trained by some of the best professional writers who have worked in Hollywood and international Ad Agencies. He has also spent years working in Radio, TV, Newspapers in Australia working for both direct and agency-based clients. 

He has also written episodes for ‘Home and Away’, ‘Blue Heelers,’ and ‘All Saints’, so he fully understands the story structure that is relevant in all videos, from the smallest 10-second social media spots to the full-length movie scripts. They all need this traditional story structure. Why? Because that is how we all, respond on a subconscious deeper level. This is a vital key when it comes to making your videos actually work. 

Location Scouting

We have shot in some very remote parts of Australia to get the right look and lighting. We have also shot on the world’s largest sand island, just off Brisbane to make it look like a desert of Ancient Egypt. Today with powerful computers and editing tools, coupled with professional editors, it’s safe to say, your videos can literally look like they are anywhere and from any time. Let’s have a chat about what you need and we’ll make a plan that works for you. 

Talent Casting

CMP Film TV can offer you this service directly, as we have cast many of our own talents, or via external professional casting agencies, which we have long standing relationships with and can draw upon their pool of talent. 

Remember, all these talent based elements need careful consideration, as that person (or persons) could be the face / voice of your businesses image, brand, products, for years, so getting this right is important.


Not dissimilar to visual talent casting, as you’re working with professional, voice actors. For instance, David is one of our in-house voice talents, because he has worked in Radio, TV and as such has voiced many of our client’s videos, over the years. We also engage external professional voice talent agencies and they can supply any voice that is required, across any age, gender and nationality. It really is a matter of making a “must-have” list and us finding the perfect fit for you. 


This encompasses a number of different elements of the post-filming of your videos. From the editing process, music selection and any potential license or required government approvals, voice-overs, distributions to the video platforms and broadcasters. Plus storage of the raw unprocessed footage and final edited release video assets, for future users and repurposing for other marketing / advertising needs.  

Music and Jingles

CMP Film TV has written a number of jingles for our clients like the “Motor Finance Wizard says YES”. It was at the time of its release one of the most recognised jingles on Australian TV. We have also engaged professional jingle writers and music composers, over the years. 

However, today we find that there is so much quality, musical product that is available, affordable, and more to the point, very often perfect and relevant to the video project, that the need to invest in more expensive music, is really unnecessary for most businesses.

However, it must also be said that a well-written and composed jingle can become a major marketing and business asset that can last for years. It really comes down to what is right for you, so let’s talk about that.  

Let us know what’s important to you, and we’ll tell you how we can help

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